Translation transfers information and knowledge between countries creating interaction between them. Its role expands to include commercial activities that help to transfer products globally and establish a connection between customers’ tastes around the world.


The tricky issue in the translation field is that the translated document should have the same meaning as the original one and wear the dress of the target citizens.


Translators should have crystal minds to absorb the information and cultural issues and convey them precisely into the original with a strong ability of deeply understanding both languages.


Translating a marketing document is not like translating a medical one. More deep, translating a medical document for doctors is not like translating a medical document for patients (end users).


Crystal-Minds collects the best translators having different backgrounds and groups them to be able to translate your document whether it is a technical, legal, economical, IT, engineering, literature or a general document. In addition to their ability to understand the type of your document, they have strong knowledge of target people and the talent of understanding, expressing and writing into both languages.


Our translators also use cutting edge technologies to minimize time and cost and maximize quality and consistency.


Inviting a specialist to read a document translated by Crystal-Minds, he could never know which is the translated file and which is the original.


Turkish, Persian/Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, and Azerbaijani/Azeri.

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